A love so rare…

Across the sea of green, as waves crash low
Beneath the canopy of powered blue, 
Tides pull upon my soul in ebb and flow,
Sands glisten gold, to cast a glittered hue.
The sea breeze blows like sighs, in thoughts of you,
Salt wells upon my skin, in misty cries,
Sad eyes untouched by smiles, as tears ensue,
Forgotten memories; that once were highs
Replaced by dreams that float below grey skies,
Where once hope drifted ‘pon the lips I kissed.
I’m lost to darkness wishing for sunrise,
A starless sky hangs in each moment missed.
 O how my heart has lost its will to dare
 As I concede I’ve lost a love so rare.
©Elusive Me 

Dear Lord…

Inside I feel I’m just a little girl,
Who dreams of happy endings to come true,
He causes butterflies to gently swirl,
And on my knees I pray this wish of you.
Dear Lord, don’t let my heart break from dispair,
Move mountains so he knocks upon my door,
I need a heart that’s strong to truly care,
I need a heart to love and so much more.
He needs to be my knight, with pen for sword,
He needs to have a truthful tongue to speak,
To whisper all his wishes to you Lord,
So prayers can be fulfilled for all we seek,
 He needs to need to love, to give his best,
 But most of all he needs a hairy chest.
©Elusive Me  


I dreamt of home, it’s where I want to be.
I closed my eyes and lie on top of clouds
And found myself already there, at home.
I went to paint the sky with silky shades,
But clouds began to rain and wet my cheeks
And colours red and blue began to mix,
Then dappled me in funny colours, green.
A brush of yellow brought the sun to me,
And rays of orange bloomed around the sun.
I bathed in warmth while dancing on the clouds.
The rain and sun began to play with me
And wait amongst the violet deep skies
To catch the indigo beyond the clouds.
Until I find the rainbow I’ll not sleep.

©Alima J Aug 2017

Child of Mine

I wondered if those starry eyes I saw
Were happiness or tears reflecting hope;
‘Tis strange, I’d never seen this child before,
Her eyes, her face; emotions fail to cope
With this, this gorgeous child with ample scope
To prove her love, but love is not returned
By one who should know better; love is spurned.
Her eyes, they search the answer to her why
And anger strikes, within my heart to grow;
Her wanting, searching heart, that bitter sigh
Of love discarded, tears begin to flow
Down freckled cheeks, their hurt pounds blow by blow,
This little child defeated, can she rise
Above the pain I see through teary eyes.
Without an answer coming, lost to he
Who stands before this treasure, hair of gold
And sorrowed eyes of blue that turn to me
Acknowledging my presence, eyes that hold
My heart and knowing without being told.
I smile, she smiles, perhaps our hearts align,
To heal her pain, I wish this child was mine.
Ferrick Gray
© 2015

The Girl

Abandoned young when no one cared,
Spent her life in St Craddock Halls,
Within the walls she stood and stared,
No one to catch her when she falls.
Treatment time, when she bangs on walls,
Vaccinations leave her arm sore,
They left her here, facing the door.
Men in white coats, at her they stare,
Bare feet on the dapple grey floor,
I’m not alone when she is there.

©Alima J Aug 2017

A Poet’s Demise

Your love is like a chain, so strong,
You’ve urge to kiss but not to tell.
Our hearts entwined but feels so wrong.
A promise made, did not bode well.
Think you have me under your spell?
I know your games, I’ve played before,
Losers are always shown the door.
You keep your secrets and your lies,
In the sea there are plenty more.
Laziness…a poet’s demise.

©Alima J Aug 2017

Life’s Posey

If Life should ever close her knowing eyes;
 Would Death erase her codicil of light?
 Could Life give o’r to Death in silent cries
 Of helplessness — as day becomes the night?
Oft times there runs a melancholic blight
 To sap the vigor of a pleasant day —
 What’s in a name? To know by any hight
 These many wretched thoughts that find their way.
Yet in the dark recesses — Life’s bouquet?
 A nosegay gathered from our simple past,
 Reminds us in our age, the need to play:
 To live, enjoy; what’s now can never last.
Will you, this tiny posy’s scent adore?
 Or seek the stench of false blooms evermore.
Ferrick Gray
© 2017