What is Life?

Each heartbeat sings the rhythm of my thoughts:
 My thoughts of you, throughout the hours of day,
 Then comes the night, perhaps a dream of sorts —
 My innermost desires seek to play.
Mine felix culpa! Happy faults betray
 Desiderata — How I thirst for you!
 At times emotions well, such sorrows weigh
 So heavily; I know not what to do.
Cruel questions! May not answers misconstrue
 The truth that Future hides behind its door,
 And feigns to Present how it never knew
 What was to come; what Life had held in store.
But what is life if we could always see?
Complaints befall; no better would life be.
Ferrick Gray
© 2017

So Long As You Can See

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see
A wretched self beside an evil thorn,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Got lost in time with rush of ecstasy;
Attracted by the shades that I have worn,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see.

One day no doubt your ties will be cut free:
We’ll know how much of I, thy did adorn —
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Commit to all our sins; a guilty plea —
And save us both from ridicule and scorn
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see.

If love did not exist this blood must be
The many shades of me that you have torn;
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Agreement we shall make of love decree
Amidst our sins a child that we’ll see born
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

©Alima J Oct 2017
Shakespeare sonnet inspired: villanelle

Summoned Love

He summoned up a wish, that he had feared,
Behind his desk his vision starts to blur;
At dark of night a spark of light appeared,
The walls and floors, it all began to stir;
Appeared from hell, a beauty fit for heaven —
He shrieked a voice in fear or by surprise?
She looked into his eyes and mouthèd Cleven
Then pinned him by a wall and claimed her prize.
A bloody thirsty bite from her, he’d let.
Surrendered to the night of ecstasy —
Etched in his feeble heart, he won’t forget;
Fulfilled; his dream, adventure, fantasy.
He owned what he awakened from her death,
She poisoned him and took his final breath.

©Alima J October 2017

Intricate Lines of Love

She watched her lover by the henna plant,
Adoring his complexion in the sun —
A love that’s measured only by a smile.
He gently picked the leaves and gave to her;
They sat together by the garden pond —
She crushed the leaves and as he watched her so,
He uttered words that only she would hear.
She took his hand and in his palm she drew
Some simple lines and shapes depicting love.
The colour from the leaves began to stain,
And no amount of complex lines would show
Their intricate designs of love within.
They gazed upon each others face and said,
“Just colour up my life with love, instead.”

©Alima J October 2017


I wonder oft’ where butterflies would hide,
 When night calls back the colors of the day.
Perhaps they flee, and on the zephyrs ride —
 In secret bathe in rainbows locked away,
Their presence from the touch of night denied.
The sun when setting imitates the call,
 Her colors fade in brightness, darkened hues
Seep ‘long horizons wide as Nature’s shawl
 Drapes caref’ly o’r her head. Let dark diffuse
To coax the stars to shine, to dance — enthrall!
The color of the moon, though sunlight kissed,
 Fairs not as brightly in the dawning sky —
‘Tis only for a time the colors missed
 Will once again call forth the butterfly:
The sun will rise for Nature will insist.
Be gone the night! Behold the rising sun!
 Her colors spill across the naked morn
With Nature’s palette fresh as colors run,
 All’s fresh, resplendent as the day is born, —
Stars wink and coyly vanish, one by one.
The ev’ning star adopts a shade of pale —
 Remains to watch the glory of the day,
Yet though she pines, all’s lost? To no avail
 As ‘cross her face, the hint of white clouds stray
And billow as a ship leaves sands — Set sail
Upon the wind, sweet butterfly of blue —
 Caress the mem’ry one could n’er forget!
Fly to me — Loose your beauty through
 This veil of wonder. Nature shall beget
Your shades of blue, and fall in love with you.

Ferrick Gray
© 2017

Mellifluous Her Song

Sweet nightingale who mourns her dying beau,
Mellifluous, the song she sings for he —
Acceptance for reasons he must go,
She sings her psalm of love to see him free.
How can a song of sorrow make its way
From breaking hearts into the waiting night?
How could a song of beauty e’r delay,
The call of death, or circumstance rewrite.
But hidden in this melody of sorrow,
Doth hide her answer to the Maker’s call,
And she shall n’er be lonely on the morrow,
For He will heal her heartache, loss and all.
 If ever love as this were blessed ‘pon me,
 Foul Death would shun love’s immortality.
Ferrick Gray
© 2017

The Last Stormy Night

I take a barefoot walk one summer night,
With childhood scent, I clutch a pot pourri,
Beside the rocks I’ll drop a flake or three.
A storm begins and sets the sky alight.
I’ll not be ‘fraid; embrace the rains — delight!
A wind swept voice, I hear it calling me,
Across the beach a shadow I can see.
I see my mem’ries flash as you’re in sight.
My friend, I’m glad you came — so much to tell,
Like times bygone; make footprints in the sand,
Then wash away the sand between our toes;
Before we share a friendly hug farewell.
We’ll spin a tale or two, that will be grand
And watch the sun, beyond the sea it goes.

©Alima J Sep 2017