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classical and structured poetry … as poetry was meant to be

xiv lines started as a small group on the Google+ platform. Initially the group accepted free verse and structured verse as long as it was only fourteen lines (hence the name). One aim was to instruct people how to write a sonnet, one of the traditional fourteen line forms. Although some people took this on board, interest soon waned due to the necessity to master both form and meter. After much contemplation, we have moved xiv lines into a completely web-oriented group and removed its presence from the Google+ arena.

Furthermore, we have also decided to remove the line restriction to allow for all forms of classical poetry. Needless to say free verse, haiku, tanka and the likes will not be featured on this site. xiv lines is now reserved for the classical and structured forms of poetry.

To encourage those who may be interested, we will also be including a private community on Google+ where workshops on the construction of various forms can take place and we hope to see both new and old poets contribute their work to this site.

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Ferrick and Kimberley
1824 Publishers