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The sadness in a verse — the written line  That falters in its message. Words mean naught — To recollect the feeling (such as mine),  Regardless of the lessons we’ve been taught ... Read More

Lipsticks & Bricks

Corporate blocks skyward high, She looks in the reflective glass, Sees herself in the mirror walking by. Armed with leather, jacket & heels, The power of red, glides onto her lips. Fearless & ... Read More

Little Boy

 On bended knee, though battle-marred, looks down –  Upon the one he swore till death defend.  His blood-stained hands have failed him and the frown  Of Why? Confusion o̵... Read More

Nature’s Prelude

The freshness of the breeze is slowly drawn Into the lungs of mountain tops of green — Each sprinkled with the slightest tinge of pale And notifying all the hint of snow. Tall trees bowed solemnly a... Read More


The dark lays heavy ‘pon my brightest day —  The thought of What is diff’rent? matters not. I feel the barbs — they pierce — what people say:  How could my heart and soul b... Read More


When I woke up to the morning light, I said goodbye to my dream at night. My counting sheep have gone to sleep. They jumped over the gates one, two, three. The fields are jewelled with flowers, bloome... Read More