Phoebe and the Wolf

 So long ago — So many years have passed
 Since Phoebe with her beauty, form and grace,
 Walked freely through the darkness that was cast
 Upon the forest dwellers. Dressed in lace
 And finery, each sought her sweet embrace
 And company to wile away the night —
 ’Twas such a pleasure in this somber place.
 She loved them all, and darkness would take flight
When Phoebe smiled. Her heart was true — so shone her light.
 Each night the forest nymphs would gather round
 And seat themselves ‘pon anything they may
 Desiring to indulge in sight and sound,
 To listen to her stories — what she’d say,
 Each mesmerized and none would ever stray —
 They’d hang upon each word from tender lips
 Until the creeping rays of breaking day.
 Another in the darkness, sits and sips
Her words to quench his thirst — sweet honeyed nectar drips.
 The wolf, he loved young Phoebe with a heart
 That burned with passion — How he wanted her,
 And felt so lonely when she would depart,
 To wait throughout the day and so incur
 The wrath that filled his heart as if it were
 A dagger, cold and sharp, to twist and tear
 With ev’ry aching pulse, thus hate would stir.
 But was it love or lust? He didn’t care —
He only knew, this pain, was more than he could bear.
 Then came the night as Phoebe made her way,
 With beauty, form and grace that kissed the night;
 There sate the wolf, who eyed her as his prey
 And bared his teeth, he snarled — she stopped in fright,
 As want dripped from his mouth. He wouldn’t fight
 His primal urge to kill this maiden fair
 And took her in his jaws. Her life — His bite.
 But was it love or lust? He didn’t care —
He only knew, this pain, was more than he could bear.
 Her blood ran free as Heaven cried in pain,
 And angels swift descend to hallowed ground.
 The wolf, he backs away from her he’d slain —
 His eyes afire, in silence stood. No sound
 Was uttered as they bathed this beauty crowned,
 To wash away the stain of hate despite
 His love for her? In jealousy he drowned!
 She loved them all, and darkness would take flight
When Phoebe smiled. Her heart was true — so shone her light.
 The wolf now walks in dark, but Phoebe shines,
 And nymphs that sat with her, from he now flee,
 For fear that death will come whene’er he pines,
 But unbeknown to him, the light they see —
 The moon so bright, she keeps their company
 For this is Phoebe, Heaven’s sainted maid
 Who looks upon the forest dwellers free.
 The wolf, he realizes — want has paid
A price and bays the waning moon — his love mislaid.
Ferrick Gray
© 2016

A Passing Friend

A passing friend is what they say to me.
I walk the miles with canvas shoes and sack,
But should they want a friend to come for tea,
An offer of a bed to rest my back?
The night is long, I toss and turn til morn.
A little food, for I would soon depart,
I ponder with a smile upon my face,
And I am feeling torn
But thank them with an ache across my heart,
For once again I’ll wander place to place.

©Alima J Aug 2017

The Anticipation of Spring

O this grey day of springtime’s early cheer,
As winters remnant, lingers low hung cloud.
With better days ahead in blue skies clear,
Where bitter discontent is not allowed.
What will the sunny seasons bring this year?
It has the power to make the humble proud.
A sea of yellow, washed across the field,
When Natures beauty wakes, with all revealed.

So slowly slowly, lifts the veil of mist,
Once blanketing the view from naked eyes.
The wilding flow’rs with crowns of amethyst,
Reflect the birth of spring in changing skies.
But winter still had one more little twist.
A show which rolled along, with some surprise.
A static arc of light; a thunderstorm,
As cooler climates slowly start to warm.

O blessèd are the little lambs, newborn,
The fledgling sparrow, raven and the dove.
Young bobby calves, and sheep yet to be shorn,
All find their place directed from above.
Indeed this season has no place for scorn,
As springtime always nurtures first sweet love.
So birds and bees all do their thing in spring,
They find their voices as they sweetly sing

So now expectantly we sit and wait,
For all that we would have the summer be.
Intrinsic’ly aligned with sunshine’s fate,
Upon our skin we seek its rays for free.
But melanoma causes such debate,
Now is this really what I want for me?
Each season is in turn from heaven sent,
The jonquil blooms through winters last lament.

© Garry Spooner
September 2017

Scarlet Love

I seek a bed alone to spend the night,
An empty bed the heart does not desire.
I’ll toss and turn until the morning light,
The rub of sheets against the night’s attire.
The moon illuminates the cobbled street,
Across the street I watch you light a fag;
A thought that lingers on for us to meet,
With aching lust I grasp a tint and rag.
I’ll give to you a night you’ll ne’r forget,
Unlock your dreams, immoral as the deed,
You can’t fulfil your dues; when you’re in debt,
A secret under wraps; our thoughts we feed.
Let’s save ourselves from maim and ill repute,
Or you’ll be blind and I forever mute.

©Alima J 6 August 2017

Upon A Star

I’ll tell you why I lie awake:
Each night I count the stars above,
I wish away, my big mistake,
Hope once again that I can love.
When night is o’r I hear a dove,
It coos a song, it sounds so sweet,
A pigeon flies, it comes to meet.
If I had wings, I’d travel far,
On journey’s end, land on my feet,
Love will be found upon a star.

©Alima J September 2017


You look grand upon a throne, in fettles fine,
Adorned in jewellery, in light they shine.
Aunts, uncles and the whole family too,
Will admire the beauty that dresses you.
Laughter and chatter, you hear everywhere,
Your thoughts untamed, linger almost spare.
You on this day are a beautiful bride,
Forever will be by your lover’s side.
A new adventure that will be your own,
No time to linger, you’ve new dreams to hone.

©Alima J September 2017

Made with love…

A little cream upon my thigh, oh my,
I see your eyes glide slowly on soft lace,
I love to see the smile upon your face,
Oh let me help you slide my skirt up high.
I hope you have a thing for apple pie,
Now take a seat my love I’ve set a place,
I’ve baked with love to give a warm embrace,
My secret wish is just to make you sigh.
My love, my pie will place you on your knees,
So sweet and moist I hope you love the crust,
Oh breathe in deep the smell is bound to tease,
It’s not too hot; to savour it’s a must.
I guarantee it is my aim to please,
The cherry on the top is always lust!

©Elusive Me