I wonder oft’ where butterflies would hide,  When night calls back the colors of the day. Perhaps they flee, and on the zephyrs ride —  In secret bathe in rainbows locked away, Their... Read More

Child of Mine

I wondered if those starry eyes I saw Were happiness or tears reflecting hope; ‘Tis strange, I’d never seen this child before, Her eyes, her face; emotions fail to cope With this, this gor... Read More

Life’s Posey

If Life should ever close her knowing eyes;  Would Death erase her codicil of light?  Could Life give o’r to Death in silent cries  Of helplessness — as day becomes the night? O... Read More


The sadness in a verse — the written line  That falters in its message. Words mean naught — To recollect the feeling (such as mine),  Regardless of the lessons we’ve been taught ... Read More