Summoned Love

He summoned up a wish, that he had feared,
Behind his desk his vision starts to blur;
At dark of night a spark of light appeared,
The walls and floors, it all began to stir;
Appeared from hell, a beauty fit for heaven —
He shrieked a voice in fear or by surprise?
She looked into his eyes and mouthèd Cleven
Then pinned him by a wall and claimed her prize.
A bloody thirsty bite from her, he’d let.
Surrendered to the night of ecstasy —
Etched in his feeble heart, he won’t forget;
Fulfilled; his dream, adventure, fantasy.
He owned what he awakened from her death,
She poisoned him and took his final breath.

©Alima J October 2017

The Last Stormy Night

I take a barefoot walk one summer night,
With childhood scent, I clutch a pot pourri,
Beside the rocks I’ll drop a flake or three.
A storm begins and sets the sky alight.
I’ll not be ‘fraid; embrace the rains — delight!
A wind swept voice, I hear it calling me,
Across the beach a shadow I can see.
I see my mem’ries flash as you’re in sight.
My friend, I’m glad you came — so much to tell,
Like times bygone; make footprints in the sand,
Then wash away the sand between our toes;
Before we share a friendly hug farewell.
We’ll spin a tale or two, that will be grand
And watch the sun, beyond the sea it goes.

©Alima J Sep 2017

Scarlet Love

I seek a bed alone to spend the night,
An empty bed the heart does not desire.
I’ll toss and turn until the morning light,
The rub of sheets against the night’s attire.
The moon illuminates the cobbled street,
Across the street I watch you light a fag;
A thought that lingers on for us to meet,
With aching lust I grasp a tint and rag.
I’ll give to you a night you’ll ne’r forget,
Unlock your dreams, immoral as the deed,
You can’t fulfil your dues; when you’re in debt,
A secret under wraps; our thoughts we feed.
Let’s save ourselves from maim and ill repute,
Or you’ll be blind and I forever mute.

©Alima J 6 August 2017

Calling Angel

I sat alone beside a fallen tree.
Unknown that I would lose a child, I mourn.
To re-unite, to God I make a plea.
Wet tears on fleece, emotional and torn.
Cascading tears transforms to crystal drops.
I wish that I could hold you once again.
I cradle empty arms, the song ne’er stops.
I hear your voice call out to me, in pain.
You look alluring as you fly in light,
My hands together; rain to cease, I pray.
Beloved child of mine in silk and white,
Beside me, sat and wiped my tears away.
Sweet angel with majestic wings; fly free.
I give my life away to God, for thee.

©Alima J 25th May 2017