I wonder oft’ where butterflies would hide,
 When night calls back the colors of the day.
Perhaps they flee, and on the zephyrs ride —
 In secret bathe in rainbows locked away,
Their presence from the touch of night denied.
The sun when setting imitates the call,
 Her colors fade in brightness, darkened hues
Seep ‘long horizons wide as Nature’s shawl
 Drapes caref’ly o’r her head. Let dark diffuse
To coax the stars to shine, to dance — enthrall!
The color of the moon, though sunlight kissed,
 Fairs not as brightly in the dawning sky —
‘Tis only for a time the colors missed
 Will once again call forth the butterfly:
The sun will rise for Nature will insist.
Be gone the night! Behold the rising sun!
 Her colors spill across the naked morn
With Nature’s palette fresh as colors run,
 All’s fresh, resplendent as the day is born, —
Stars wink and coyly vanish, one by one.
The ev’ning star adopts a shade of pale —
 Remains to watch the glory of the day,
Yet though she pines, all’s lost? To no avail
 As ‘cross her face, the hint of white clouds stray
And billow as a ship leaves sands — Set sail
Upon the wind, sweet butterfly of blue —
 Caress the mem’ry one could n’er forget!
Fly to me — Loose your beauty through
 This veil of wonder. Nature shall beget
Your shades of blue, and fall in love with you.

Ferrick Gray
© 2017