You look grand upon a throne, in fettles fine, Adorned in jewellery, in light they shine. Aunts, uncles and the whole family too, Will admire the beauty that dresses you. Laughter and chatter, you hea... Read More

Velvet kisses…

In soft black velvet, he blankets her light, Gently he holds her, til scorched with her love, Enflamed with passion, entwined souls above, She shatters in stars, to kiss him each night. With patient g... Read More

Lipsticks & Bricks

Corporate blocks skyward high, She looks in the reflective glass, Sees herself in the mirror walking by. Armed with leather, jacket & heels, The power of red, glides onto her lips. Fearless & ... Read More


When I woke up to the morning light, I said goodbye to my dream at night. My counting sheep have gone to sleep. They jumped over the gates one, two, three. The fields are jewelled with flowers, bloome... Read More