You look grand upon a throne, in fettles fine,
Adorned in jewellery, in light they shine.
Aunts, uncles and the whole family too,
Will admire the beauty that dresses you.
Laughter and chatter, you hear everywhere,
Your thoughts untamed, linger almost spare.
You on this day are a beautiful bride,
Forever will be by your lover’s side.
A new adventure that will be your own,
No time to linger, you’ve new dreams to hone.

©Alima J September 2017

Velvet kisses…

In soft black velvet, he blankets her light,
Gently he holds her, til scorched with her love,
Enflamed with passion, entwined souls above,
She shatters in stars, to kiss him each night.
With patient gazes, awaiting the morn,
Enamoured by beauty, fading away,
In soft golden hues, the first light of day,
His darkness she swallows, drenched in her dawn.
So soft she unravels, like whispers on rays,
She glistens on dew drops, hiding her tears,
Awaiting his call, to allay all her fears,
He breathes in her embers, dimming her plays.
 In soft black velvet, he blankets her light,
 She shatters in stars, to kiss him each night.
©Elusive Me

The Girl

Abandoned young when no one cared,
Spent her life in St Craddock Halls,
Within the walls she stood and stared,
No one to catch her when she falls.
Treatment time, when she bangs on walls,
Vaccinations leave her arm sore,
They left her here, facing the door.
Men in white coats, at her they stare,
Bare feet on the dapple grey floor,
I’m not alone when she is there.

©Alima J Aug 2017

A Poet’s Demise

Your love is like a chain, so strong,
You’ve urge to kiss but not to tell.
Our hearts entwined but feels so wrong.
A promise made, did not bode well.
Think you have me under your spell?
I know your games, I’ve played before,
Losers are always shown the door.
You keep your secrets and your lies,
In the sea there are plenty more.
Laziness…a poet’s demise.

©Alima J Aug 2017

A Viking Kiss

His mighty roar echoed across the battle field.
The clamour of weapons against a kite shield.
If today is the day he brings dark thunder,
Then not even a warcry shall tear me asunder.
A glorified warrior I cannot justify
His prodigious power to mystify.
The bloody war brought my lover to me.
All hail as I surrender myself to the enemy.
I hold a fighter, not a lover in my arms,
No sign of a smile, no pretence of his charms.
Disrupting me with his beguiling touch.
A strong kiss softened with a tender cwtch.
Through me, a spear of a Celtic viking,
Alas, I be his queen and he…be my king.

©Alima J July 2017

From Oxford and Cambridge

From Oxford and Cambridge I travel far and wide,
Above the towers of paper, filling the void each side.
Bring forth the battle with the modern day quill,
Illustrious words, create suspense and thrill.

Salvation I seek in the power of the word,
Stories and poems, a voice to be heard.
Free your mind! Don’t falter and stray.
Imaginations told & thoughts to sway.

With my wings spread wide, I was full on flight,
With the pen I was armed, ready to write.
A persistent poet…with a requisite to think,
I’ll spin fourteen lines, without spilling any ink.

With the copyright symbol I stamp my name.
I own,  I concur! and nothing will be the same.

©Alima J May 2017

Lipsticks & Bricks

Corporate blocks skyward high,
She looks in the reflective glass,
Sees herself in the mirror walking by.

Armed with leather, jacket & heels,
The power of red, glides onto her lips.
Fearless & brave, she looks & feels.

She feels the cold hearts of the sinners.
A brick wall of emotions rise & fall,
Separates the losers from the winners.

Ready to play the games of the city.
Watching the money spinners winning,
She throws herself in, cunning & witty.

Placing a bet, then a roll of the dice.
A million chips & champagne on ice.

©Alima J June 2017