The Sonneteers

The Evolution of XIV

Everything changes over time, and so it is with XIV. This site will still contain all forms of structured poetry, but will now have a special section for the sonnets. Only three styles of sonnet will be posted in this section; Petrarchan, Shakespearean and Spenserian. For those of you who wish to try your hand at these styles, we will also be including tutorials and discussions.

Prepare for the sonnet revival!

The Last Stormy Night

I take a barefoot walk one summer night,
With childhood scent, I clutch a pot pourri,
Beside the rocks I’ll drop a flake or three.
A storm begins and sets the sky alight.
I’ll not be ‘fraid; embrace the rains — delight!
A wind swept voice, I hear it calling me,
Across the beach a shadow I can see.
I see my mem’ries flash as you’re in sight.
My friend, I’m glad you came — so much to tell,
Like times bygone; make footprints in the sand,
Then wash away the sand between our toes;
Before we share a friendly hug farewell.
We’ll spin a tale or two, that will be grand
And watch the sun, beyond the sea it goes.

©Alima J Sep 2017

Made with love…

A little cream upon my thigh, oh my,
I see your eyes glide slowly on soft lace,
I love to see the smile upon your face,
Oh let me help you slide my skirt up high.
I hope you have a thing for apple pie,
Now take a seat my love I’ve set a place,
I’ve baked with love to give a warm embrace,
My secret wish is just to make you sigh.
My love, my pie will place you on your knees,
So sweet and moist I hope you love the crust,
Oh breathe in deep the smell is bound to tease,
It’s not too hot; to savour it’s a must.
I guarantee it is my aim to please,
The cherry on the top is always lust!

©Elusive Me