Upon A Star

I’ll tell you why I lie awake:
Each night I count the stars above,
I wish away, my big mistake,
Hope once again that I can love.
When night is o’r I hear a dove,
It coos a song, it sounds so sweet,
A pigeon flies, it comes to meet.
If I had wings, I’d travel far,
On journey’s end, land on my feet,
Love will be found upon a star.

©Alima J September 2017

The Girl

Abandoned young when no one cared,
Spent her life in St Craddock Halls,
Within the walls she stood and stared,
No one to catch her when she falls.
Treatment time, when she bangs on walls,
Vaccinations leave her arm sore,
They left her here, facing the door.
Men in white coats, at her they stare,
Bare feet on the dapple grey floor,
I’m not alone when she is there.

©Alima J Aug 2017

A Poet’s Demise

Your love is like a chain, so strong,
You’ve urge to kiss but not to tell.
Our hearts entwined but feels so wrong.
A promise made, did not bode well.
Think you have me under your spell?
I know your games, I’ve played before,
Losers are always shown the door.
You keep your secrets and your lies,
In the sea there are plenty more.
Laziness…a poet’s demise.

©Alima J Aug 2017


The sadness in a verse — the written line
 That falters in its message. Words mean naught —
To recollect the feeling (such as mine),
 Regardless of the lessons we’ve been taught —
 This world is left to us, between worlds caught.
 A remedy? There never was a cure,
 Perhaps we all in some way must endure
This sense of suffering dark and lonely nights
 To think of why; in some way reassure
Our self that all is well as sorrow writes.

When heartbeats sing a soft but saddened song,
 A melody that overwhelms the fire —
Surcease of sorrow! How could this be wrong
 When wanton thoughts can douse a soul’s desire,
 Yet truth will make us out to be the liar.
 Desire, a wish? Is’t lust? An aching heart —
 Lord tell us! How it is, these feelings start,
When all we want; to find that special one:
 O’ just the thought, to never be apart
Will never compensate — ’tis better none!

The wretched scratch of inkless pen on page,
 It laughs, it jeers; so hideous is its sound —
Like claws that gouge to stir a lover’s rage
 And o’r and o’r again, cruel heartbeats pound
 Until all hope is lost, for hope has drowned.
 It drowns with screams of torment; raging fires,
 Cursed flames that lick until the want expires —
The pounding! Breathless! Pounding — How it wells!
 And nothing stops the sound of fiendish choirs
That bound their dirge to where our loving dwells!

But sadness is a song too often sung,
 To different tunes, the words are just the same.
In verses failed, defeated, heads are hung
 And all that’s left, is only in the name
 Of some poor sod who tried to play the game.
 This night — a night so dark, it all seems lost —
 We give our all, regardless of the cost,
Our dwindling flame — extinguish it. You might
 Pretend, but in the fiercest tempest tossed:
A single ray can pierce the dark of night.
Ferrick Gray
© 2017