You look grand upon a throne, in fettles fine,
Adorned in jewellery, in light they shine.
Aunts, uncles and the whole family too,
Will admire the beauty that dresses you.
Laughter and chatter, you hear everywhere,
Your thoughts untamed, linger almost spare.
You on this day are a beautiful bride,
Forever will be by your lover’s side.
A new adventure that will be your own,
No time to linger, you’ve new dreams to hone.

©Alima J September 2017

A Viking Kiss

His mighty roar echoed across the battle field.
The clamour of weapons against a kite shield.
If today is the day he brings dark thunder,
Then not even a warcry shall tear me asunder.
A glorified warrior I cannot justify
His prodigious power to mystify.
The bloody war brought my lover to me.
All hail as I surrender myself to the enemy.
I hold a fighter, not a lover in my arms,
No sign of a smile, no pretence of his charms.
Disrupting me with his beguiling touch.
A strong kiss softened with a tender cwtch.
Through me, a spear of a Celtic viking,
Alas, I be his queen and he…be my king.

©Alima J July 2017