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Learning to Dance

Introductory Comments

As with any new dance, it is of the utmost importance we learn the movements; steps and directions. We need to be able to move in the appropriate manner to the music in order to keep the rhythm with our partner. So too with poetry and our reader. Poetry is a dance of words and rhythm, especially with what we call formal poetry.

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July 22, 2021

The Warmth of Touch

A Villanelle

In all simplicity, the villanelle is a nineteen-line poem consisting of five tercets and a concluding quatrain. The villanelle is characterized further by a simple rime-scheme and repetition. The villanelle follows the rime-scheme:

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You will notice that each of the tercets follow an a b a pattern including the quatrain with . . .

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July 09, 2021

Fourteen Lines

Sonnet Analysis


All poems have a meaning. The meaning or reason for a poem is not always understood by the reader, but this will not affect their appreciation of the poem albeit present some questions concerning its inspiration. The following poem is a sonnet of the Shakespearean form with an analysis of its content, structure and . . .

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July 05, 2021

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

An Essay in Heroic Couplets

Who still writes letters today? An interesting question no doubt and likely one that rarely comes to mind. It may be surprising how many people still prefer the handwritten note or letter. Sending and receiving them.

With the digital age and the delivery of messages, notes and letters is almost in an instant. You may wonder why anyone . . .

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June 26, 2021

Time To Take Back Poetry

Poetry as it should be!

Poetry has changed a lot over the years. The so-called free verse has dominated the poetry scene for around a decade. Its proliferation has attempted to close the door on formal poetry.
Free verse poets have taken the line that free verse poetry must be devoid of rime, meter, or any hint of form. In . . .

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June 12, 2021