Made with love…

A little cream upon my thigh, oh my,
I see your eyes glide slowly on soft lace,
I love to see the smile upon your face,
Oh let me help you slide my skirt up high.
I hope you have a thing for apple pie,
Now take a seat my love I’ve set a place,
I’ve baked with love to give a warm embrace,
My secret wish is just to make you sigh.
My love, my pie will place you on your knees,
So sweet and moist I hope you love the crust,
Oh breathe in deep the smell is bound to tease,
It’s not too hot; to savour it’s a must.
I guarantee it is my aim to please,
The cherry on the top is always lust!

©Elusive Me

In fields of love…

The light of morn spills softly on your face,
Like golden sleeves that sparkle warm and bright.
Such tiny spheres illuminate with grace
And I am moved to kiss your skin like night
Alight with stars, your freckles in daylight;
Each mark a kiss, endowed with love from high.
For as with me, you cause the sun to sigh.
Within the grass I see you long; reclined.
Your breathing soft; as heart beats slow to rest,
A sheepish smile; your cheeky mood inclined
To pull me close and press me to your chest,
Caresses soft, my heart pounds in my breast.
Wild flowers sweet, upon the scented breeze,
As fingers swirl – surrendered to your tease.
Long lashes fall, as butterflies take flight,
Loose buttons hold, though fingers feel their way
Exploring treasures hidden from plain sight,
Slow rhythmed moves, cause rounded hips to sway
And breathless sighs sing sweetly in the day.
Your gentle heart did overcome mine, shy,
In fields of love, beneath the sunlit sky.
©Elusive Me 

A secret love…

Beneath the stars, within your arms so tight
When hidden feelings surface from the heart.
Our souls eclipsed the brilliance of the night
Were friendships’ shores left open to invite,
Would secrets whispered cause us to depart,
Beneath the stars, within your arms so tight.
We lingered long, awash in bright moonlight,
Our forms outlined in alabaster art,
Our souls eclipsed the brilliance of the night.
If nothing ventured merely keeps our plight,
Love once professed, may keep our hearts apart?
Beneath the stars, within your arms so tight.
Let wishes fly on hope to kiss starlight
And banish fear, for love is worth a start,
Our souls eclipsed the brilliance of the night.
To read your heart calls my heart to ignite
And soon the words, from trembling lips impart
Beneath the stars, within your arms so tight,
Our souls eclipsed the brilliance of the night.
©Elusive Me
2 April 2016

Eyes of blue…

With tiny shards, of broken heart laid bare
And lashes curled with salty moistened tips,
Sunshine splashed, in golden rays of glare,
Illuminating dreams; now torn in strips.
Memories fade; as rainbowed smiles so rare
Have lost the altitude of heavens height.
Once joy shone bright; but now so dim to glow,
Like empty stars that shine devoid of light.
He gathered soft, the pieces of her soul
And sewed her seams, until she held like new.
Like gentle rain, he swelled each hurtful hole,
Soft kisses laid on skin, like morning dew.
He held her close as tears began to roll
And gazed with love, into her eyes of blue.
©Elusive Me 

Another me…

I hold my breath and hide behind the door;
If I just close my eyes within this space
And somehow hide away from your embrace,
Then maybe I would find my smile once more
And then pretend I love you like before.
I can’t remember why I held so tight?
I can remember why I cry each night,
We dwell within the dreams we chase; what for?
We lost our way within this careless lie.
I search your eyes in hopes that I will see
Our love once burned, but slowly embers die
And I can see that we are not to be
For all the dreams that once sang are now shy
And you will never find another me.
© Elusive Me
17 April 2016

Take gravity…

Take the gravity from mine heart,
Lift soul and heart to heaven’s gate,
Let smiles abound and sadness part
And place a bounce within my gait.

Endurance is a mortal’s art,
I tarry under burdens weight,
Take the gravity from mine heart,
Lift soul and heart to heaven’s gate.

I find no light in darkened fate,
Thy words seep deep, let healing start,
Keep me close; let grace play its part
‘Pon gentler grounds, please let me skate,
Lift soul and heart to heaven’s gate.
©Elusive Me  

Within the storm…

Within the storm I feel your tender touch,
The sweetness of your words encase my heart,
So deep within the darkness that I clutch
Your words; in hope I shall not fall apart.
If I could whisper soft upon the breeze
And tell you of the love I hold inside,
I’d kiss your hands and fall upon my knees
And know there is no need for me to hide.
For even though I yield a broken soul,
My lashes often wet from all the tears,
But in your eyes I see myself as whole,
With sweetest love you’ve taken all my fears.
 If I could gift you anything with love,
 I’d give to you my wishes from above.
©Elusive Me
2 April 2016