The Count of Monte Cristo

Edmond:   A heaviness lays o’r me — Cruelty lies
      In minds of my accusers —
Mercédès:              Cannot be!
      What reason? What the purpose of such cries
      Of outrage?
Edmond:        Lies, deceit. O’ now I see
      How Future taunts me. Me! I’ve no defense
      If Truth should fail me, parting from my side
      Bein’ ill-equipped.
Mercédès:           In failing to make sense
      Of all this horror! Fancy n’er can hide
      Nor overcome what we between us feel.
      The braver heart in love will always rise
      Above adversity.
Edmond:          I hoped to seal
      Our marriage — Providence? The hows and whys!
       My last request: N’er leave me, nor forsake —
       The shackles of this nightmare, we will shake.

and Edmond, later as the Count of Monte Cristo:

Myself the question asked: But how does such
A turn of fate come shatter every dream?
How so-called friends are acting — More the touch
Of jealousy when love is of the theme.
What plan is put in place? Another’s word —
Where innocence is slaughtered on the breeze,
Evaporating, stunned by what is heard
As opportunity steps forth to seize —
Those feelings of revenge sought by the heart,
All these we justify and crave the thought.
To mete a punishment and thus impart
The sting of accusation as is wrought.
  With time to kill, but Time will kill me not
  Until I play my hand ‘gainst that ill-got.

Ferrick Gray
© 2021

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