Atop the Mount of Life, I stood there bold
Alone with thoughts midst truth and lies I’ve told,
A glassy stare toward horizons wide
With anguish of this feeling deep inside.

O’ was it me who wanted what I’m not?
To use my talents? Somehow I forgot
That happiness could never be the same
When lines come blurrèd, guilt — another name
For foolishness that I may overcome
By walking from the shadows. There were some
Who sought the same as I, perhaps too much
Too soon. The want, the wish — that golden touch.

All neatly falls in place, the perfect key
Unlocks the door, behind there where stood me
With all my failings brushed in shades of gray,
To walk with shadows as I make my way
To crucify myself for what I’ve done —
If not for me, another. Yes, there’s one
Who holds a brighter palette than I work;
A fairer heart and soul than mine of murk.

Descend I to the valley, down below
To be with one, to find the one I know.
The one I left behind in shadows lost,
The one who paid and since has borne the cost
Of loneliness — To reap what one has sown,
But stand and never yield when stones are thrown.

Ferrick Gray
© 2020