The sun shone brightly, greeted with a smile,
As Nature came alive, he could not help
But think of old acquaintances and friends
Who may or may not be: — A chance to meet
With those he knew … to take them by surprise —
Perhaps himself, or others bid farewell.

He knew of some still there; not very well,
And wondered would they greet him with a smile;
But then, of course, it comes as no surprise
They may not welcome him, or even help
Him find whom he would search for, hope to meet,
A person he had missed — his dearest friend.

Though not one to be social, still a friend,
When long ago he left. Their sad farewell
Created feelings they may never meet
Again, and each one parted with a smile.
They said they’d keep in touch, at times would help,
But everything had changed. ‘Twas no surprise.

So often had he thought he’d won the prize,
That being of a true and life-long friend.
One whom he trusted, one prepared to help
Through torrid times, and better times as well.
And as the noon-day sun beamed down — a smile
Of hope, anticipating when they meet.

Some days before, they promised they would meet.
(The unexpected call, a great surprise),
And hanging up the phone, he grinned — that smile
Brought back fond mem’ries of his childhood friend.
It seemed that last goodbye was not farewell;
And feeling filled him, those he couldn’t help.

He pondered o’r this call. A call for help?
Was there another reason they should meet?
The last time they had spoken, all was well —
No secrets kept or hints of cruel surprise.
It doesn’t matter now; his only friend
Had called, and made this lonely poet smile.

To help another comes as no surprise
When two should meet, especially when friends
Forget that last farewell. It makes one smile.

Ferrick Gray
© 2018