What Has Mother Nature Done?

Behold! The fields are flushed with color red!
 Methinks not blood, but blood it may well be.
 Behold the sight! Nay turn my head instead,
 Avert mine eyes, this travesty I see.
Their sound! They sound as one and all agree
 That greatness comes in numbers more than one.
 Who strives to flee their common repartee
 Of dry repeated-ness and stories spun.
But lo! Their faces greet the noonday sun;
 All ‘tempt to dull her with their feign eclipse —
 So many, what has Mother Nature done?
 She stands aside, her hands upon her hips:
I wonder if the grass is truly green;
 With poppies tall, the grass is rarely seen.

Ferrick Gray
© 2020, 2021

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