The Last Stormy Night

I take a barefoot walk one summer night,
With childhood scent, I clutch a pot pourri,
Beside the rocks I’ll drop a flake or three.
A storm begins and sets the sky alight.
I’ll not be ‘fraid; embrace the rains — delight!
A wind swept voice, I hear it calling me,
Across the beach a shadow I can see.
I see my mem’ries flash as you’re in sight.
My friend, I’m glad you came — so much to tell,
Like times bygone; make footprints in the sand,
Then wash away the sand between our toes;
Before we share a friendly hug farewell.
We’ll spin a tale or two, that will be grand
And watch the sun, beyond the sea it goes.

©Alima J Sep 2017

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