In fields of love…

The light of morn spills softly on your face,
Like golden sleeves that sparkle warm and bright.
Such tiny spheres illuminate with grace
And I am moved to kiss your skin like night
Alight with stars, your freckles in daylight;
Each mark a kiss, endowed with love from high.
For as with me, you cause the sun to sigh.
Within the grass I see you long; reclined.
Your breathing soft; as heart beats slow to rest,
A sheepish smile; your cheeky mood inclined
To pull me close and press me to your chest,
Caresses soft, my heart pounds in my breast.
Wild flowers sweet, upon the scented breeze,
As fingers swirl – surrendered to your tease.
Long lashes fall, as butterflies take flight,
Loose buttons hold, though fingers feel their way
Exploring treasures hidden from plain sight,
Slow rhythmed moves, cause rounded hips to sway
And breathless sighs sing sweetly in the day.
Your gentle heart did overcome mine, shy,
In fields of love, beneath the sunlit sky.
©Elusive Me 

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