A love so rare…

Across the sea of green, as waves crash low
Beneath the canopy of powered blue, 
Tides pull upon my soul in ebb and flow,
Sands glisten gold, to cast a glittered hue.
The sea breeze blows like sighs, in thoughts of you,
Salt wells upon my skin, in misty cries,
Sad eyes untouched by smiles, as tears ensue,
Forgotten memories; that once were highs
Replaced by dreams that float below grey skies,
Where once hope drifted ‘pon the lips I kissed.
I’m lost to darkness wishing for sunrise,
A starless sky hangs in each moment missed.
 O how my heart has lost its will to dare
 As I concede I’ve lost a love so rare.
©Elusive Me 

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