Child of Mine

I wondered if those starry eyes I saw
Were happiness or tears reflecting hope;
‘Tis strange, I’d never seen this child before,
Her eyes, her face; emotions fail to cope
With this, this gorgeous child with ample scope
To prove her love, but love is not returned
By one who should know better; love is spurned.
Her eyes, they search the answer to her why
And anger strikes, within my heart to grow;
Her wanting, searching heart, that bitter sigh
Of love discarded, tears begin to flow
Down freckled cheeks, their hurt pounds blow by blow,
This little child defeated, can she rise
Above the pain I see through teary eyes.
Without an answer coming, lost to he
Who stands before this treasure, hair of gold
And sorrowed eyes of blue that turn to me
Acknowledging my presence, eyes that hold
My heart and knowing without being told.
I smile, she smiles, perhaps our hearts align,
To heal her pain, I wish this child was mine.
Ferrick Gray
© 2015

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