Lipsticks & Bricks

Corporate blocks skyward high,
She looks in the reflective glass,
Sees herself in the mirror walking by.

Armed with leather, jacket & heels,
The power of red, glides onto her lips.
Fearless & brave, she looks & feels.

She feels the cold hearts of the sinners.
A brick wall of emotions rise & fall,
Separates the losers from the winners.

Ready to play the games of the city.
Watching the money spinners winning,
She throws herself in, cunning & witty.

Placing a bet, then a roll of the dice.
A million chips & champagne on ice.

©Alima J June 2017

2 thoughts on “Lipsticks & Bricks

  1. A very interesting but effective rhyming scheme, and although different reminds me of the terza rima rhyming scheme. A wonderful piece!

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