Nature’s Prelude

The freshness of the breeze is slowly drawn
Into the lungs of mountain tops of green —
Each sprinkled with the slightest tinge of pale
And notifying all the hint of snow.
Tall trees bowed solemnly acknowledging
A greater presence – that of changing times;
Then aging Autumn flees and hides herself
As wispy souls dance high in azure skies.

Below, the lake of waters deep and calm,
Its absolution washes sin away
With gentle breaths that skip along the breaks,
And breathe the lust of life across the lands
That speak in silence, hide from all the world —
Their aqueous brow — frolicking wavelets
That kiss benevolent shores nurturing
And contented in Nature’s pulse of life.

The broke reflection of the hornèd moon
Resists the harmonics of ageless seas
And Phoebus smiles content to be alone
Among the gaping eyes of heaven’s orb.
As slowly as the night gives way to morn,
Damp nips the heel of all who, now rising,
To view the splendor of the creeping sun,
As slowly, rays stretch out and cleanse the skies.

Another morn of beauty doth awake —
The heaving heart beats in Nature’s bosom
Sustains a love, existence for all life
And bids nocturnal souls, a night — good day.
Like white candles extinguished, one by one,
All stars, suns for the many other worlds,
Wink and vanish in the morn’s cool light
Having lived at another time, now past.

Coy zephyrs play among the leaves, rustling
With whispers of games to play — hide and seek.
Scrambling, to a secret place — excited,
Impatient — only to laugh and scurry.
Echoes of _Marco!_ call in the distance —
Shy voices answer; squeals of youth waking
A Mother’s happiness envelops all:
Her morning kiss, _Go play_ — and off they run.

Ferrick Gray
© 2016

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